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Is Learning-by-Doing Really Better than Traditional Lecture Learning? One question that comes up frequently when people are searching for educational courses to advance their careers are whether classes conducted in a traditional lecture learning environment or those that utilize the learning-by-doing method are better. Before answering this question, we will take a look at what […]

Tech Stocks Boom in the TSX

If you’re wondering where the hot industries in Canada are, sometimes you need to look no further than the Toronto Stock Exchange. It’s a great way to look at what companies are doing well, and how you can position your education and career path for maximum success. High tech, web-based tools and cutting-edge hardware are […]

Expert-Level Job Search

Inevitably, you’re going to graduate and take your new skills out to your future employer. Academy of Learning Toronto makes sure that every graduate gets support for its career search, but there are a few more things you can do to help you stand out from the other candidates or even find hidden jobs. Research […]

Making Your Mark in Your New Job

As Academy of Learning College Toronto alumni, you come equipped with up-to-date skills and a professional attitude. However, as you leave your studies behind, you’ll be eager to make your career efforts count from your first day of your first new job. Every work culture is a little different. From open plan and casual, to […]

How to Ask Questions… And Get Results!

For the last few weeks we went on a whirlwind, all-faculty tour of employment opportunities for graduates. Now we’re going to bring it back home to talk about the student experience. We’ll focus on some crucial skills that will help you in school and for the rest of your life. Asking questions is one of […]

Toronto a Growing Epicentre for IT Careers

Anyone seeking a career with high demand would do well to consider Information Technology (IT). While several prominent companies from the U.S., including big Silicon Valley players like Google and Facebook, are constantly recruiting Canadian talent, Toronto is proving to be a growing epicentre of innovative technology development. Information Technology is among the most competitive […]

Industry Trends: Customer Service

According to a TD Canada poll, 95% of Canadians deem customer service essential to decide whether or not a company should keep their business. With stark numbers like that, it’s no wonder there’s been a scramble to invest in training for front line staff. The three guiding words that define good service are friendly, quick […]

Industry Trends: Accounting

According to Service Canada, accounting jobs are growing in all industries, thanks to computerization and de-compartmentalization. A booming industry needs people with the sort of top notch training accounting courses in Toronto give you. Accounting professionals of all kinds are at the core of a business’s administration staff, which makes accounting jobs some of the […]

Industry Trends: Healthcare

The fourth episode of our industry employment outlook series looks at Healthcare. Healthcare careers are, hands down, some of the most in-demand careers in Canada at the moment, and private and government forecasts repeatedly point to projected shortages of skilled workers. Healthcare training in Toronto prepares you to take part in an employment boom. The […]

Industry Trends: Information Technology

For the third episode on industry trends, we’re looking at where IT courses in Toronto can take you. This essential training is one of the most in demand in Canada. IT stands for Information Technology, and this means computers and computer hardware. At the Academy of Learning College Toronto, our programs are designed with hardware […]

Industry Trends: Office Administrator

This is the second episode in our series about employment trends in Canada, looking at all the programs available at Academy of Learning College Toronto, to show you what opportunities are out there for you. This week we’re going to look at what’s available for the Office Administrator and why that’s a strong pick to […]

Industry Trends: Web Designer

This is the first episode of our multi-part introduction to industry trends and employment forecasts for each program at Academy of Learning College Toronto. This week, we’ll take a peek at a great career for computer-savvy, creative people, and examine the in-demand role of the Web Designer. Web design skills have never been more essential. […]

Future Employment Forecast

We’ve already talked a bit about employment trends in Canada. Everyone wants to know what the hottest industries are and what positions are going to be in demand. Even more so when you are considering investing in careers training, and want to get the best value for your time and effort. Over the next few […]

Computer User Tips for Students

By the time you finish at Academy of Learning College Toronto, whether you are taking IT courses or healthcare training in Toronto, we know you’re going to graduate as an expert computer user. These skills will help you for the rest of your life, not just in school but with your future work. Save Frequently […]

Tis the Season to Volunteer!

As winter finally comes to a close, the longer days have been giving everyone a fresh burst of energy and the urge to get outside. We figure there is no better way to channel all that extra energy than by signing up as a volunteer with a charity or organization right in your neighbourhood. Why […]

Computer Careers for 2013

Last week we talked about the healthcare labour market, but that’s not the only place experiencing great growth in Ontario. In 2013, Information Technology is the province’s other rising star. While healthcare training is a solid choice, your IT courses in Toronto open up opportunities at all levels in an ever growing field. That means […]

What is the Future of Healthcare Employment in Ontario?

You’ve probably already heard that healthcare is booming in Canada. But what does that mean for Ontario?  More importantly, what does that mean for prospective healthcare graduates? Check out the highlights of this government-funded Ontario Health Care Labour Market Report. 2/3 of healthcare employers reported having trouble finding qualified applicants. All of the top 10 […]

A Few Perks for Every Student

  As a student, you’re on the path to a great career and you’re learning some fantastic skills. However, did you know that being in school gives you a number of other advantages?   Discounts Several different kinds of companies reach out to students by offering them discounts on goods and services. For example, students […]

How to Take the Edge off Being Late or Absent

Everyone runs late, gets sick, or has to deal with an emergency. These things happen to all of us. But whether you’re late handing in an assignment or if you’re not going to be able to show up for class for a few days, be sure to let people know. Reaching out to your teachers […]

The 3-Step Process of Getting a Letter of Recommendation

Chances are that when you graduate you will need to get a letter of recommendation from one of your instructors. Whether you use it to help you land your first job in a new career, or to help you round off your post-grad university or college applications, a letter of recommendation can be just the […]

2013 Customer Service Training Trends

This week, we’re going to look at the 2013 trends in customer service training in Toronto and beyond. Customer service is an essential part of any business plan. Your people-friendly skills will apply to practically any job that you work in. Whether you’re planning on working the reception desk in a company or if you’re […]

The Benefits of Having a Mentor

  Question: How can you get an insider’s look into your future career prospects while you’re still a student? Answer: Get a mentor! Mentors are experienced people who provide us with insight regarding certain aspects of our lives. Some people have life, family, academic or career mentors. Either way, a mentor is someone who is […]

The 2013 Canadian Healthcare Rankings

According to the Fraser Institute, Ontario offers the fastest healthcare services in Canada. Wait times are shortest, matching patients with the services they need in the timeliest fashion. This isn’t just shorter delays to see doctors, but also quickest access to secondary and support health services, such as testing or consultations. Each year, the Fraser […]

5 Great Study Habits to Help You Focus

  It happens to everyone. You’ve been staring at your textbook for fifteen minutes and the words on the page are just not registering in your brain. It might be that you’re having trouble understanding an idea, it might just be that your memory just can’t hold on to the information. Regardless, you’re stuck and […]

6 Tips for School-Family-Work Balance (and Survival!)

If you’re like most students, you have basic life expenses. Rent, food and phone bills can all add up pretty quickly, and whether or not you’ve decided to take on a small school loan, you’re probably also trying to juggle in a part-time job with everything else that you have going on in your life. […]