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A Few Perks for Every Student


As a student, you’re on the path to a great career and you’re learning some fantastic skills. However, did you know that being in school gives you a number of other advantages?



Several different kinds of companies reach out to students by offering them discounts on goods and services. For example, students are often offered reduced rates at grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, museums, art galleries, public exhibits and events, just to name a few.

Youth and full-time students are also eligible to get a discount on their TTC pass. Whether you’re just about to graduate or you just started your first term of a business administration college in Toronto, a photo ID from your school can help you reduce the cost of your trip to and from school.

Access to Amazing Resources

Academy of Learning Toronto Student Services is one example of how your school is able to offer students all sorts of help. Resources like job placement and financial aid are just a few the opportunities students can tap into while their studying and even after they graduate.

Tight-knit Network

In a big city like Toronto, it can be hard to connect with people. Even if you meet new people every day, having the time to get to know them can be really hard. But collaborating with classmates and teachers really opens the doors to establishing meaningful relationships and making all sorts of new friends. It may seem that someone taking a web design course may not have much in common with a student enrolled in personal support working training, but working together on a collaborative project will allow their similarities to surface quite quickly.

Once you get in the habit of working together with others to achieve similar goals, you will be motivated to collaborate more often, and from there be able to form valuable relationships.

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