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Career Tips for Web Design and IT Graduates

Whether you just started your degree or are right about to graduate, you will want to start thinking about your future career.  Toronto is a city full employment opportunities for a graduate with the right training, but there are a few extra things you can do if you studied web design or IT courses in Toronto to help yourself stand out. Let’s take a look:



Here’s just one example of an online design portfolio. You can create your own or opt for a portfolio template. Either way, just be sure that it represents you and your distinct style. (Photo Source:

Web design jobs rely on your ability to prove that you know your stuff, which means being able to present your skills and aptitudes through a portfolio. Providing prospective employers or clients a portfolio allows you to display your capacity and design style, and it also illustrates a level of professionalism. If you’ve never had a real job before, don’t worry. Your web design courses should have given you adequate course exercises to get started. Plus, it’s very fulfilling to watch your portfolio grow as the years go by. But to get yourself started, consider volunteering your time and creating a web page for an individual or organization. And remember to keep updating your portfolio as you complete projects. Soon enough, you’ll open it up and be blown away at how much you’ve accomplished.


If the web designer needs to focus on their portfolio, you need to make sure you understand the right hardware and software systems and have the right certification. Many IT professionals complement their academic certifications with self-directed learning. In other words, IT pros tend to keep up with industry changes in their spare time mainly because it is directly linked with their everyday interests. As far as careers go, research what employers are looking for. Your program will have given you a strong foundation, including lots of vendor neutral certification opportunities, but if something seems to be missing, it’s never too late to add more knowledge into your bank. At the Academy of Learning College Toronto, it doesn’t take too long to get up to speed.

Also, always keep in mind that many employers are willing (and encourage) to pay for courses that employees feel they need to take in order to adapt to industry changes. This will not only improve your existing skill-set, but it will also show great initiative on your part.

One last tip

Regardless of your field of study, web design and IT have one other thing in common: both involve ongoing technological change. Though it is always a good thing to be open to learning new skills and practicing lifelong learning, in these particular instances, the most important thing is that you’re always ready to embrace change.

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