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Computer Careers for 2013

Last week we talked about the healthcare labour market, but that’s not the only place experiencing great growth in Ontario. In 2013, Information Technology is the province’s other rising star.

While healthcare training is a solid choice, your IT courses in Toronto open up opportunities at all levels in an ever growing field. That means new jobs in user support technician roles, software engineers and information systems technicians and consultants. From programming to PC support, computer jobs continue to boom.

Employers are looking for candidates with up to date training and certification, and they’re also looking to promote. IT management roles are looking particularly good, for those of you looking to make the jump up the ladder.

You may wonder what’s behind this trend. Computers are an ever increasing presence in every sector. They’re also being used for an increasingly wide purpose. While they were once limited to giant, specialized accounting machines in some offices, now they are used for everything from inter business communications and retail sales, to being built into every day tools, from restaurant ovens to machine presses. This has opened up a whole range of positions to service, maintain and build computers, and to run and install software, as well as create it.

This comes at the same time that the Ontario Ministry of Government Services rolls out the third wave of expansion for broadband internet coverage. How does this affect the labour market? More people getting high-speed internet means more people who need to upgrade their websites and more businesses finally taking the plunge and going online. They’re likely to turn to trusted local experts, including graduates of web design courses in Toronto.

According to the provincial government, even if you don’t go into computers, upgrading your skills will still give you a boost. Over a third of new jobs in Ontario are going to be aimed at non-university grads with post-secondary education.  Looking at the rest of the picture, another fifth will still expect you to have some sort of occupational training. 2013 will be a great year to have a diploma and a great year to be an IT expert.

Curious about the training trends in Ontario? Get the scoop straight from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

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