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Computer User Tips for Students

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By the time you finish at Academy of Learning College Toronto, whether you are taking IT courses or healthcare training in Toronto, we know you’re going to graduate as an expert computer user. These skills will help you for the rest of your life, not just in school but with your future work.

Save Frequently

Working on an assignment in a Word program for school? Periodically clicking the save button will save you a lot of frustration. No computer is a hundred percent reliable and sometimes it happens that windows close out fo nowhere. Saving your work constantly is an easy way to protect yourself from random your computer’s random shut downs.

Back Up

As well as being able to put your data on removable media (like CDs or a USB drive) the latest innovation is in cloud storage, which essentially allows you to save, back-up and access your files through an online portal. While USBs, external hard drives, and other traditional back-up systems are still reliable, a cloud storage method may be more convenient because you can access it from almost anywhere.

As a student you can decide how you want to safe keep everything, but as an employee, check what the security based back-up policy is in your company. If your employer has not back-up plan in place, supervising one is a great way to stand out.

Save Your Eyes

Anyone can enjoy long hours at a computer with the ability to increase and decrease brightness and font size. While many text and image editors let you adjust everything with easy to find “zoom” sliders, did you know that web browsers can also be adjusted. Just press Ctrl and + to increase and Ctrl and to decrease the browser view! People in PSW courses take note: if you’re working with an older or disabled client, helping them access a computer is likely to be part of your duties.


Computers have a lot of important utilities, from anti-virus systems to regular patches to software. Keeping up with all those little fixes keeps everything on your computer fresh and healthy. Updating regularly, on schedule also saves time later, with no bugs to bother you!

Those are just some of our tips, but what’s your best advice for getting the most out of your computer?


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