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How to Take the Edge off Being Late or Absent

Everyone runs late, gets sick, or has to deal with an emergency. These things happen to all of us. But whether you’re late handing in an assignment or if you’re not going to be able to show up for class for a few days, be sure to let people know. Reaching out to your teachers in advance in order to let them know about your absence or tardiness will help smooth any unwanted confusion along the way.

Thankfully, Academy of Learning College Toronto programs are often taught on a flexible basis. While you should maintain good attendance, your studies are structured to work with your busy life. Even after one or a short-term absence, it’s very likely that you can get caught up on all the class material that you missed.


Here are a few tricks to help you stay on track even when something unexpected comes up:

Give Advanced Notice

Whether there’s an assignment that’s giving you more trouble than you expected, or you can’t make it to an appointment, getting a hold of the person you were supposed to meet before the problem happens is better than telling them after. No one wants to be left in the dark, and everyone will appreciate that you are keeping them in the loop.

For example, if you have your yearly check-up booked the same day as your certification for the IT courses in Toronto that you’ve been taking, you may have time to reschedule the exam or prepare for an alternative date. And if you’re running behind on your accounting courses homework, just explain your situation before it is actually due.

Document Proof

If you find you’re sick or otherwise unable to come in or complete an assignment, providing proof of the problem will always help. This is particularly important if you had an important deadline or exam to write.

Incidentally, most educational institutions and many employers have a policy in place for facilitating the accommodations needed for students with disabilities. As those with healthcare training know, ongoing health conditions or disabilities can have a real effect on daily routines. If you have an ongoing disability or restriction that might affect your performance and attendance, it can be a good idea to pre-emptively file your medical documentation with your school administration or employer.

Be Prepared

Imagine this situation: you were going to come in for an exam to complete your office administration diploma and out of nowhere a snow storm blankets all of Toronto. Canadians are no stranger to crazy weather, but we’re all still suspect to being caught by surprise by storms. Chances are, your classes may also be canceled, or your child’s classes are cancelled and there is no one to watch them but you, so you have to take the day off in order to stay home with your kids. These things happen all the time.

Save having stress over your unexpected weather holiday by verifying with the school to find out what their protocol is for storm days, or any other unexpected situation.

Be Reliable

Don’t make a habit out of being late or absent. A reputation for reliability at all other times is the best thing you can bring with your excuse. If your school or your future employer knows they can usually count on you, your absence or delay is more likely to be treated like a one-time thing.



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