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Inevitably, you’re going to graduate and take your new skills out to your future employer. Academy of Learning Toronto makes sure that every graduate gets support for its career search, but there are a few more things you can do to help you stand out from the other candidates or even find hidden jobs.

Research Competitors and Jobs Like Yours In Other Areas

Whether you’ve got an interview in hand, or you’re still in the application process, you probably know to check out things like the website of your potential employer. But did you know that there’s valuable information in the jobs you don’t want?

Sounding like an industry insider means speaking the language and knowing every detail of the job you’re going to do. Competitors, and jobs that are like your position, but geographically or otherwise unsuitable, tell you how to tailor your application and the sorts of topics that may come up.

Cold Calls Open Doors

A lot of people looking for a job don’t realize that want ads are just scratching the surface of the jobs that are available. For example, if you just finished accounting courses in Toronto and you’re looking for jobs in the city, you know that there are all sorts of resources to help you find places to apply. However, if you know what sorts of positions you want, you can cold call companies that aren’t actively looking.

Often this means that when they are hiring, your resume jumps the line, and your pro-active approach makes you seem like a go-getter.

Master Workplace Culture

Every job expects top notch professionalism. However, creative fields like web design courses often expect you to look the part, while some more formal industries have entirely different expectations. Outside basic interview guidelines, this will help you decide what to wear and how to present yourself.

You can also learn about the individual office culture by calling ahead. Again, don’t be afraid to ask what the work environment is like. Questions that make you seem ready to work hard and focused on making yourself seem like a good fit.

What are your secrets to snagging a job?


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