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Healthcare Training: PSW courses lead to a career in the community

PSW courses lead to a career in the communityWhen choosing a career, it can be difficult to balance the practical and reliable with the inspirational. Not only do you aspire for a career that makes a difference, but you also seek a career that is filled with employment prospects, as well as a training requirements that will help you get into the workforce quickly.


Healthcare is a broad field with ever-growing demands, not just in regards to Canada’s rapidly aging population, but also in relation to people in all stages of their life. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what type of healthcare career best suits you. With so many options to choose from, it is important that you really explore all the career possibilities available. You may have considered a career in nursing or pharmacy, but have you considered personal support worker (PSW) courses?


Training to be a PSW prepares you to work in a variety of settings, from adult day centers,  retirement homes and hospices, to proving the human touch in a clinical research setting. You’ll learn to develop basic nursing skills, as well as address the emotional and physical needs of patients, all the while being an essential member of the healthcare community. Your employer might be an individual in their home or by a non-profit home-care organization, but either way, every day you’ll be helping patients who need you. As their personal support worker you’ll be a vital part of their lives.


This healthcare training doesn’t just give you career skills, but also life skills that you’ll keep and use forever, ranging from first aid to self-confidence. After your nine week practicum in a real medical setting, you’ll have the experience to know what you’re capable of, with certification from the National Association of Career Colleges. And this is only one of several other healthcare career programs offered at the Academy of Learning College Toronto, including Community Service Worker, Health Unit Coordinator, Medical Office Assistant and Medical Receptionist. Whatever you pick, choosing a healthcare school in Toronto is the first step to becoming an indispensable asset to your community.


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