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Industry Trends: Accounting

AOLCT May 15

According to Service Canada, accounting jobs are growing in all industries, thanks to computerization and de-compartmentalization.

A booming industry needs people with the sort of top notch training accounting courses in Toronto give you. Accounting professionals of all kinds are at the core of a business’s administration staff, which makes accounting jobs some of the very few that do not depend on the overall health of the economy. Accounting, after all, is the ability to tell your employer where her resources are currently standing or will stand in the future, a crucial business administration skill to support businesses and help them thrive.

On the other hand, while in the past, you could expect that your classes would only lead to specific titles like Accounts Payable Clerk or Bookkeeper, these days, de-compartmentalization leads employers to look for people who have a variety of skills. This means that you’re very likely to use your accounting training in a multitude of roles, carrying your skills into other departments at a company, like marketing or sales.

De-compartmentalization is not the only major shift that has happened recently. The field of accounting has also been through quite a few changes with the rise of computers. Computerized accounting revolves around a number of industry standard software programs like QuickBooks, as well as more general IT skills.  The computerization of accounting has also sent a lot of people back to school for a skills tune up. In spite of these important shifts, wherever employees are, there will be a need for an Accounting and Payroll Administrator. Where there is inventory, someone will have to tabulate it. And, as long as a company wishes to be solvent, it will hire people to watch and count its money.

Where would you like your accounting training to take you?

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