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Industry Trends: Customer Service

Make your mark in your first job with these tips!

According to a TD Canada poll, 95% of Canadians deem customer service essential to decide whether or not a company should keep their business. With stark numbers like that, it’s no wonder there’s been a scramble to invest in training for front line staff. The three guiding words that define good service are friendly, quick and helpful. Customers expect to interact with people who are engaged with assisting them, well trained in problem solving, and able to make their work efficient.

Additionally, long considered to be a loss leader, customer service is now becoming part of many companies’ sales strategies. Companies know that clients trust a sales staff that is also able to help them. This sort of consultative selling is a large trend. Meanwhile marketing has become increasingly about building relationships. As potential customers increasingly learn to tune out conventional advertising, getting noticed becomes about reaching out in a helpful and engaging way.

The other thing that has changed is the technology. While in-person customer service remains important, now customers expect good client support on the phone and online, and they want it around the clock. This means all sorts of new positions to cover the extra shifts that sort of availability takes.

Because of the value of good customer service, training as a Customer Service and Information Clerk prepares you for jobs ranging from a library front desk to directing tourists. You might work in sales as a courtesy receptionist, or in technical support. That is why Academy of Learning College Toronto offers Customer Service as part of the crucial business courses in Toronto.

Where do you think customer service training will take you in your future career?

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