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Industry Trends: Office Administrator

This is the second episode in our series about employment trends in Canada, looking at all the programs available at Academy of Learning College Toronto, to show you what opportunities are out there for you. This week we’re going to look at what’s available for the Office Administrator and why that’s a strong pick to thrive in any industry.

Sometimes, making your way in the work force isn’t about picking one field, it’s about getting a skill that’s needed by virtually every work place. Office administration courses in Toronto give graduates skills that are both up to date with the latest advances in office technology, while offering graduates a solid foundation in business skills.

Any employer with more than a handful of people on staff is likely to have a huge amount of administrative work necessary to run their business. This means that virtually every sector in Canada has a job for someone with office administration training. Taking office administration-based business courses means you are qualified to work in a number of roles, from being the first point of contact for the company at the reception desk, to serving as an executive assistant.

Also, many of the tasks that were previously carried out only by office administration staff are now expected to be performed by all kinds of staff. This means two things: office administrators of all kinds are increasingly selling themselves on their skill mastery, and office administration training is also helpful to workers who don’t intend to go into that speciality. In fact, many entry level roles ask for candidates who have mastered programs like spreadsheet software or group presentation utilities.

This is especially true in some industries such as healthcare. Thanks to an aging population, healthcare is predicted to become one of the fastest growing parts of the Canadian economy. In addition to healthcare training, strong office administration skills are essential to run healthcare facilities efficiently and to get appropriate care to all patients at all times. Growing investments in clinics, care facilities and hospitals also means more roles for medical office administrators.

It looks like a bloom in any sector of the economy will from now on translate into more guaranteed roles for office administrators.

If you’re considering a career in office administration, where do you see yourself working?



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