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Industry Trends: Web Designer

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This is the first episode of our multi-part introduction to industry trends and employment forecasts for each program at Academy of Learning College Toronto. This week, we’ll take a peek at a great career for computer-savvy, creative people, and examine the in-demand role of the Web Designer.

Web design skills have never been more essential. Not only does Canada have today’s highest rate of web users in the world, we are also the leading adopters of smart phones on the planet. As a consequence, e-commerce and e-payments are becoming a more standard way to shop and pay bills, and companies are rushing to get on board with web trends. Statistics Canada has been following Canadian web use as early as 1997. By 2007, Canadians were spending $12.8 billion annually online, and that sum has only increased. Meanwhile, government services, product support information, and even reference libraries and archives are all moving increasingly online.

How does this matter, as far as employment? Websites are now created by a team of skilled professionals, most of whom have taken IT courses, and specialized in everything from creative writing to graphic design. Every day, job boards across Canada have thousands of openings for people with specialized web skills, at all levels, from entry level to expert.

Some of the biggest recent web trends have been in the mobile web, or in other words, pages designed to display on smart phones and tablets. These intersect with the rise of “apps”, simple programs that usually have a strong web component. From ad banners on free productivity software, to social media based online games, today’s web designers are expanding the possibilities of the internet.

In Toronto, we have a high concentration of web design firms, catering to national and international businesses in every industry, and of every size. Most companies integrate online media into their marketing and customer care strategies, and today’s web designers constantly study the user experience to develop the results their employer needs. Additionally, many businesses in Canada also employ in-house designers and web analysts.  And the job doesn’t stop with making new pages! In addition to working as a web designer, you can also use your skills for new jobs in social media; as a webmaster for existing sites; and in tracking web trends to help companies stay relevant. Endless opportunities for graduates of Web design courses in Toronto!


Need more information? Check out this infographic for the quick scoop on the web in Canada:


What do you think are going to be the biggest web trends in the next five years?



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