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Information Technology Career Programs for the Computer Savvy

Computers are here to stay in today’s workplace. From the early massive mainframe machines to sleek smartphones, the past few decades have shown us an intense range of technology innovation. Something as common as a cellphone is equipped with computing power that’s more sophisticated than the systems that were used to put men on the moon. In short, we’ve come a long way.

If you have a gift with computers, you’re in luck. The increasing need for people who can develop, install and maintain programs and software equals to fantastic employment prospects. And with constant technological advancements, the Information technology (IT) industry can always expect new roles for computer experts to open up. Currently, some of the most common IT careers are:

  • Computer Service Technician
  • Desktop Publishing and Marketing Assistant
  • Help Desk Support Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • PC Support Specialist
  • Web Designer

It’s clear that the industry as a whole offers a wide range of career options. IT courses will teach you everything you need to know from program languages and hardware know-how and certification preparation to preparing you to work in the booming field of help desk support. Whether you become the sole IT technician for a company or work as part of a support team, people will both depend and marvel at your technical wizardry. You’ll hold the key to seemingly inexplicable computer problems.  Plus, with the salaries in IT, you won’t just understand the latest gadgets, but will also be able to afford them.

Keep in mind that working in the digital world doesn’t mean you can’t nurture the inner artist within you. If your heart is in digital but not so much in program development, you’ll find a good fit in web design courses. Companies from small mom-and-pop hardware stores to major global brands are increasingly learning the benefit of web participation, and they need people to maintain and build their web pages. Web design courses at Academy of Learning College Toronto will teach you the skills to bring your ideas from first conceptualization to implementation, including graphic design classes and all the essential web languages, from HTML to PHP. And if  you want to make computers a part of your career but not the main focus, the Academy of Learning College Toronto also offers computer courses through their other faculties, providing you with the latest software know how in business, accounting and healthcare.

Be sure to tap into our Information Technology page to discover a program that best suits you!

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