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Laurence Found a Way to Balance Work and School

I recently graduated from Academy of Learning and it was a great experience. The course I took was Network Administrator, which I finished in less than a year while working full-time in the same field.

Academy of Learning had great flexible hours that catered to my needs where I was able to attend both school and work full time. I met a lot of new friends and learned a lot which helped me to be the person I am today. My teacher was very patient with me as my hours were the entire place because of my situation. All of the facilitators were incredibly helpful whenever you need it.

I am currently a Network Upgrader for Bell Canada and this diploma will help me to get the manager’s position that I am eyeing in the future. I will defiantly recommend Academy of Learning to my friends and family so they can have the same experience.

- Laurence Hoadley

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