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Making Your Mark in Your New Job

AOLCT May 15

As Academy of Learning College Toronto alumni, you come equipped with up-to-date skills and a professional attitude. However, as you leave your studies behind, you’ll be eager to make your career efforts count from your first day of your first new job.

Every work culture is a little different. From open plan and casual, to ultra-formal, what matters is that you show you are ready for the busy demands of any healthcare facility or private practice. A bright, friendly and hard-working attitude will get you in the door, but there are some tricks to go beyond that.

Work the dress code- sure the don’ts might be laid out in your employee handbook, but even when there’s a uniform, the dos take more guess work. Look to what the go-getters and your boss are wearing as cues to advance. You don’t need to sacrifice personal style! For example, if you just finished your office administration courses in Toronto and land in a very laid back web design firm, and you’re more about crisp collars than t-shirts, compromise. Pick up some of the local creativity, and let your look make you distinct without sticking out like a fish out of water.

Do lunch- whether you brown bag or grab a bite in a restaurant or cafeteria, your meal break is a time to refresh and unwind, but also a great time to network. Try to devote at least one day a week to catch up with you co-workers. Whether you’re in IT or customer service, you’ll get valuable mentoring from the veterans, and as you get more experienced, the trust you build with other new employees will help translate to more managerial jobs.

Credit where credit is due- Keep track of your successes. Being able to point to ways you used your healthcare training to help patients, or put your business courses to work and solved a problem, will help you in your future performance reviews, and of course when it comes time to negotiate a well earned raise.

What are some other job tips you rely on to stand out at your job?


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