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Mark Your Place in the Analytics Room

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One of the hottest topics in IT careers is the boom in analytics. Increasingly sophisticated statistical measuring methods and data gathering have given companies new insight into the behaviour of current and prospective customers. Now, more than ever, companies need people trained in using and setting up analytics systems.

At the highest level, these methods are the subject of multi-tier graduate degrees. Analytics, as they are used in business, have decades of tenure in math and sciences to prove their reliability. But once of the most recent changes is in their accessibility. You no longer need to be a math genius to handle data.

The spread sheet was already an easy access breakthrough for people taking business administration or accounting courses. Now a natural part of every office, the analytics boom is just an extension of how easily modern computers can data. Now the work force needs people who can handle the computers.

At the core of this education are both formal marketing and IT courses of the kind you can find at a smart business college in Ontario, and, free online educational resources. Because the latter is free, usually provided by the makers of the new analytics software, it can be tempting to stretch your budget by going only for what’s available without charge, but there’s a good reason to balance that with classes at a school. Though you can get a specific understanding of the new analytics methods, a holistic implementation takes a stronger tech or marketing background. Plus, for web analytics, web design courses can also help you with code implementation. Most measuring methods require manual implementation into web pages and it is much easier to use something when you can do the work yourself and customize the new analytics systems to suit your company’s particular needs.

Interested in getting on board? Your journey could start today!

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