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Tech Stocks Boom in the TSX

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If you’re wondering where the hot industries in Canada are, sometimes you need to look no further than the Toronto Stock Exchange. It’s a great way to look at what companies are doing well, and how you can position your education and career path for maximum success.

High tech, web-based tools and cutting-edge hardware are seeing some of the highest increases, some companies showing 100% and 200% or greater price jumps, with an overall 27% growth in this sector. That’s great news for those of you in IT courses in Toronto, because thriving companies demand workers, creating opportunities for everyone. But what’s behind that?


Nobody likes a sluggish economy. While that tends to lead to conservative investments in blue chip choices that generally go up (which includes things like telecom companies), in order to get things jump started again, some risk is necessary. Emerging Tech, meaning technology on the cutting-edge of development, provides a comfortable balance between risk, which means high chances for profit, and security, which means less chance of going broke.

Every year, hardware and software gets better, as computers get smaller and more powerful. Tech only grows exponentially, with new discoveries and developments, making it enticingly reliable. But where has the growth been concentrated lately?

We already talked about cloud computing and in-browser tools in past blog posts. Right now, everyone, from customer service to accounting courses graduates, is getting used to using a web browser to get work done. Some of the hottest companies on the TSX take advantage of this, putting out new tools in everything from social media management to sales data.

Curious about the change and need more information? Check out more details over at the Toronto Star.

Where do you think the next economic boom is going to be?


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