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Toronto a Growing Epicentre for IT Careers


Anyone seeking a career with high demand would do well to consider Information Technology (IT). While several prominent companies from the U.S., including big Silicon Valley players like Google and Facebook, are constantly recruiting Canadian talent, Toronto is proving to be a growing epicentre of innovative technology development. Information Technology is among the most competitive fields, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor projecting IT jobs to grow far faster than other fields until at least 2020.

Industry advisers report that while U.S. employers are looking abroad for qualified IT professionals, the “brain drain” has actually begun reversing as Canada increasingly becomes an attractor of tech talent. Immigrants able to fill roles in high demand find that Canadian companies are willing to make the extra effort to sponsor work visas. Toronto is the largest, most dynamic and innovative hub of technology-focused businesses in the country. It is home to 30% of the nation’s 40,000 tech firms, with its backbone of telecommunication infrastructure employing one in five people. Students in IT courses will be interested to know that Canada is the second-best place in the world to house the massive computers needed to run corporate networks and Internet sites.

CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson notes, “the world’s dependency on technology, the pervasiveness of social media, and the need to drive sales and expand into new markets are all driving double-digit growth.” Job listings for software engineers on the website jumped 74 per cent from the previous year and postings for social media managers were up 48 per cent.

The unemployment rate for IT workers is a small fraction of the national average and some predict there will be over a hundred thousand jobs needed to be filled over the next few years, particularly in management positions requiring business and technology skills, such as IT managers and chief information officers. Tech capabilities are required in all types of development, including cloud computing specialists for office administration in Toronto.

As technology becomes increasingly integral to all aspects of business, there are more opportunities for people in other fields who want to retrain for a career with a technology component. Career development training at Academy of Learning Toronto is a great way to ensure your skills are in constant demand.

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