Student Admissions

Review Your Career Goals with an Admissions Representative!

Academy of Learning College Toronto Admissions Representatives are available to help you through the decision making process, and choose the best training program to help you reach your career goals!

Admissions Representatives are trained in assisting students identify career goals, the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to meet those goals, and find the Certificate or Diploma program that is the best fit! Admissions Representatives will answer any questions and concerns you might have, and help ensure you get the most value out of your learning experience.

The Academy of Learning College offers many training options to help you reach your career objectives. Contact an Admissions Representative today, we are ready to help you get the path to success!

The Admissions Process:

1. Set up a Campus Visit or Campus Tour.
Contact our admissions representative to schedule a visit date or a campus tour. We recommend that you set aside enough time in order to get as much information as possible from our admissions representative. Contacting the college is your first step in changing your life!

2. Confidential interview
Meet with an Admissions Representative – learn about the programs offered at Academy of Learning College Toronto, as well as the duration, schedules and cost. They will assess your current and past employment educational history and answer any questions you might have.

3. Determining Qualifications
We will review your information and determine if you qualify for the program of choice. We answer questions you may have and provide further information about how you may or may not qualify for the program. We then schedule an appointment with financial aid to go over financial aid options for you.

4. Enrollment
After meeting with our financial aid officer we make sure you are comfortable with your financial plan and career goals. We then finalize by your application, you will be given a start date to start class. You will be then required to attend an orientation prior to starting class. You are then ready to start your training!

Student Admissions Policy

Criteria for admission into any Academy of Learning College Toronto Diploma or Advanced Certificate program include:

  • Completion of an Admissions Interview – prospective students must attend an admissions interview at Academy of Learning College Toronto and meet with an Admissions Representative.
  • Good command of the English language – all prospective students must demonstrate that they have a good, functional understanding of English (both written and verbal).
  • Grade 12 (or equivalent) education Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (GED), or Mature Student Status – prospective students must have obtained their OSSD or equivalent (GED), or have Mature Student status (18 years of age in Ontario with at least one year out of high school). Mature Students and those who cannot supply proof of Grade 12 graduation may be required to complete an Entrance Examination.
  • Specific Diploma and Certificate Requirements – all applicants to Academy of Learning College Toronto Technical Diplomas or Advanced Certificate training programs may be evaluated on specific criteria based on Diploma or Certificate requirements. Some programs may have additional entrance requirements or prerequisite courses.
  • Foreign students who are not Canadian Citizens or permanent residents must obtain a Study Permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to legally study in Canada.

Prior to beginning courses, students must read and certify that they have received and read a copy of the Academy of Learning College Policies and Procedures, any updates and inserts as well as the Enrolment Application and Contract.

Student Financial Assistance Options

The Academy of Learning College understands that your education is a big investment, and we have a dedicated team of Financial Aid Officers to assist you. Learn about the AOLC Financial Assistance Options or Contact us Today!

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